Aesthetics Myths and Truths
We previously introduced you to our incredibly talented team of aesthetic nurses. Not only are they expert nurse injectors, but they are also accomplished registered nurses, each with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. They understand how to deliver the best results whether it comes to healthcare or your beauty. Over the years they’ve been asked a lot of aesthetics questions, so we’re putting their expertise to great use by having our nurse injectors shed some light on a few of the most common myths we hear.


MYTH: Botox injections can be very painful.
TRUTH: We use a very small, thin gauge needle for injections to ensure minimal discomfort. At most, you may feel a tiny pinch for a few seconds but many people say they hardly feel the injections at all. Additionally, vibration can reduce pain so we use a special device to stimulate the skin for “vibration anesthesia” to help relieve pain and also distract our clients from the procedure.

MYTH: Botox leads to an emotionless, frozen face.
TRUTH: Botox relaxes the muscles at the injection point but still allows the client to express a full range of different emotions. If you’ve had or seen an emotionless face before, it’s more likely due to an inexperienced injector administering the treatment than the Botox itself. It’s very important to choose an experienced injector and know their qualifications before allowing them to perform any type of aesthetic treatment on you.


MYTH: A full syringe of filler leads to an “overfilled” look.
TRUTH: It takes 5 full syringes to fill 1 teaspoon therefore, overfilling the lip area would take multiple injections.

MYTH: Bruising with fillers is inevitable.
TRUTH: It’s not inevitable but it is common. Everyone’s body is different and some people bruise more easily than others (not just with fillers but with common bumps from everyday life, too). An expert injector can minimize bruising and swelling with proper injection techniques and aftercare instructions. Our nurse injectors educate patients on what foods, drinks, medications and activities to avoid before and after treatment to help reduce the chances of bruising.


MYTH: Microneedling only treats fine lines and wrinkles.
TRUTH: It can do so much more! The way microneedling works is by creating tiny, microscopic holes in your skin that the body heals through collagen production. The new collagen fills in wrinkles and fine lines but collagen also helps heal and reduce the appearance of acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks and enlarged pores.

MYTH: Microneedling is painful.
TRUTH: Well, it sure does sound like it should be painful but thankfully it’s not so don’t let the name scare you! It’s called “micro” needling for a reason meaning these are extremely tiny needles that don’t go very deep into your skin. We apply a medical grade numbing cream before the treatment to ensure there’s no discomfort. Many patients are surprised at how painless the procedure is. To further reduce discomfort, we use the same “vibration anesthesia” technique that we use with Botox.

MYTH: You can get the same results by microneedling at home.
TRUTH: That’s not possible. DIY devices for home consumers are not the same as the devices medical professionals use. Our nurses produce dramatically better results because we use a medical-grade microneedling device that penetrates deeper into the skin than DIY devices ever can, thus leading to greater collagen production.

Are there other aesthetics myths that you want to get to the bottom of? Our aesthetics team can clear up any questions you have and help you reach your beautification goals. Simply contact us to get the answers you need or if you’re ready, view our list of aesthetics services and book an appointment today!