IV Therapy Services

When you drink water or take vitamins, 60-80% of the nutrients pass through your body unused. IV therapy allows for 100% absorption into your body. One session can give you days worth of hydration and nutrients in under and hour. Instant benefits that last!
Immune Boost - $175

Are you fearful of the flu season? Don’t let it get you down with this powerful blend of immune-boosting vitamins, essential trace minerals and elements, and antioxidants proven to keep your immune system at its peak. We recommend a treatment monthly and during times of extreme stress or heavy travel.

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Vitamin C - $175

This high-dose Vitamin C IV treatment is a powerful antioxidant that can improve skin coloring, immune function, cellular function and general aches and pains – even Fibromyalgia. We recommend treatment monthly.

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Myers Cocktail - $175

This well-known IV cocktail helps with aches, pains, and recovery – in particular, fibromyalgia. A fast way to get critical electrolytes, B complex, B12, and hydration into your body to get you back on track. We recommend a monthly treatment.

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NAD+ - $550

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme that exists in almost every cell in your body. With NAD IV Therapy, you can turn back the biological age of your body by boosting metabolism, reducing pain, improving mental clarity and mood, increasing energy, and is a promising therapy for those suffering from addiction. 

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Athletic Performance - $175

These pre and post-race IV’s are designed with the competitive athlete in mind. Get ready to take your training to a whole new level and recover faster than ever before.

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Hangover Relief - $175

Enjoy relief from a big night out with this combination of electrolytes, amino acids, and an anti-inflammatory agent. Add an IV push for nausea relief.

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Altitude Sickness Relief - $175

When traveling to higher altitudes, symptoms like fatigue, headache or difficulty sleeping can bring you down. Avoid this with our IV that includes a mixture of intravenous electrolytes, diuretic, corticosteroid, and anti-nauseant. Recommend treatment before and during times at higher altitude.

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Jet Lag - $175

Fly away from jet lag with our supplement prevention regimen and IV treatment of amino acids and electrolytes. This combination ensures you won’t waste precious vacation time sleeping in your hotel and missing out on the adventures of a new city or country. We recommend one before and after travel.

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Anti-Aging - $175

This anti-aging IV treatment is designed to lessen photo-aging with high doses of Vitamin C and hydration. Pair this with Botox and fillers to slow down the effects of aging. We recommend a treatment monthly to get the perfect skin tone.

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Skin, Hair and Nails - $175

This powerful mixture of Biotin and Ascorbic Acid helps fortify nails and makes for healthier longer hair and well hydrated skin. Look your best from the inside out. We recommend a treatment every month for a lasting look.

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Pain Relief - $175

Ouch! Are you ready for relief? Restrictive aches and pains can leave you feeling left behind. Relief is closer than you think with this combination of electrolytes, B vitamin complex, and anti-inflammatory agents. Pairs great with a dry needling or massage session to relax tight muscles. We recommend treatment as needed.

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Memory Aid - $175

Sometimes life pushes our brain to the limits. Stay sharp with this unique combination of IV amino acids and electrolytes that will help break through any mental blocks. We recommend a treatment monthly or prior to any major memory needs at work or school.

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Custom Crafted IV Cocktail - $175

A custom-crafted cocktail for your specific needs. Please call for details.

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I never had IV services before and so when I needed it Lauren was recommended by some of my friends. She was awesome to talk to and gave me very detailed information how everything was gonna be done. She is really smart about what she does. Great to work with. I would highly recommend her company.