So there’s a lot of confusion and myths out there about IV therapy. Do I need IV vitamin infusions it if I just eat right? Won’t I just pee out all the vitamins and minerals?? Is this just a celebrity fad? The answer is: yes, no, and I’d also throw in a maybe for good measure.

Our hope isn’t to confuse you more but it’s not that simple. Here’s the deal. Do you need IV vitamins and minerals if you eat a well- balanced diet? It’s hard to say without having better knowledge of your gut function and the percentage you are absorbing. To be honest, you might, you might not, but we are betting most likely. Here’s why. According to the CDC, upwards of 15% of Americans may have some vitamin deficiency, with the most common deficiencies found in vitamin B6, D, C, and B12. It is possible to measure vitamin levels to make sure, but sometimes it is more cost effective just to give vitamins, especially to those who really need adequate levels, such as athletes.

So although we can’t say for certain if you need IV therapy, we can say it won’t hurt you to find out how our IV cocktail makes you feel afterwards.

Next misnomer. Won’t I just pee out all the vitamins in minerals? Yes and no. The great benefit of IV therapy is it bypasses the gut. Vitamins are infused directly into your bloodstream allowing cells to reach maximal or ideal levels. Excess can be excreted, but that is the point! They should be. You absorb what’s needed that wasn’t being absorbed by traditional dietary methods.

Lastly, Is this a celebrity fad? Gosh, let’s hope not! What once became known by celebrities as bougie IV therapy, has trickled down to us common folk. Aren’t you glad? Celebrities get to be the guinea pig of all things great and new. IV therapy is celebrity tested, mother approved.