Who Needs IV Therapy

When it comes to ensuring the body and mind are optimally functioning, there are many therapies that can help. One that has gotten a lot of attention lately is IV therapy. People who are looking for a solution to their medical issues are often typing IV therapies near me into their phones now as the service has grown in popularity. But what is IV therapy and who can it help? Today, we break down what IV therapy is, what it is designed to do, and who can benefit from this unique type of therapy.

What is IV Therapy?

The human body is an incredible machine. With the number of resources it takes in and processes, from oxygen to water to the food we consume, it is a surprisingly efficient system. It is also not perfect, especially when it comes to vitamin absorption. Many people who type “IV therapies near me” into their phones are looking for a way to help their body be more efficient in absorbing certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. In fact, your body absorbs only 20-50 percent of the vitamins and minerals consumed orally, vs 90-100 percent absorption via IV therapy.

If you’re searching for “IV therapies near me” and have not experienced the benefits of IV vitamin infusions yet, you are probably curious about how the actual therapy works, along with what exactly to expect. Broadly, intravenous therapy, commonly called IV therapy, is the process of injecting needed minerals, vitamins, and nutrients into a person’s vein for easier and immediate absorption. Many people are familiar with IVs when used in medical situations, such as in hospitals, but the procedure is also widely used in a therapeutic capacity.

What Benefits Does IV Therapy Offer?

At its most general, IV therapy can help people who need an increase in different kinds of minerals, vitamins, nutrients and hydration. You can even customize IV therapy sessions according to your needs, whether that’s extra Vitamin C, a hangover remedy, electrolytes and hydration for athletic performance and more. You can also find IV therapies for specific issues, such as increasing your immune system effectiveness, helping with pain relief, and many others. For people looking for IV therapies near me, the possibilities and benefits are plentiful.

Who Uses IV Therapy?

Many people who are typing “IV therapies near me” into Google are really asking, “is IV therapy right for me?” The truth is that all different types of people can benefit from IV therapy, for a wide variety of reasons.

Olympus Health & Performance is dedicated to providing top-quality IV therapy to our clients. Our team of nurses can help you get the most out of your sessions, whatever your reasons for needing IV therapy. If you find yourself typing “IV therapies near me” into your phone and are in the Salt Lake City or Park City areas, connect with us to learn more about IV therapy and our other health and wellness services.